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How many Ferris Bueller references have you spotted in Matthew Broderick's Super Bowl ad?

Ferris Bueller Honda CR-V commercial CBS/Paramount Pictures/YouTube

(CBS) Now that there's been a day to let the full-length "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"-inspired Honda CR-V commercial set in, how many references to the John Hughes classic have you spotted?

Honda brand manager Tom Peyton told The Chicago Tribune that the commercial includes more than two dozen "Easter eggs," or allusions, to the film.

The references start from the beginning, without ever actually mentioning Bueller, Cameron or Principal Rooney.

At the start, Matthew Broderick calls his agent and fakes being sick so he doesn't have to go on set to shoot that day. As he leaves his hotel a valet attendant calls out "Broderick...Broderick...," a nod to Ben Stein's now famous monotone tirade and gives Broderick the keys to his Honda. Then the actor jets around across Los Angeles.

The cars vanity plates read "SOCHOIC" instead of "NRVOUS," and he visits the National History Museum of L.A. instead of Art institute of Chicago Art and even joins a parade - but instead of "Twist & Shout" and "Danke Schoen," he joins a Chinese pride parade and sings a song in Mandarin.

While those references seem obvious, some are a little less in your face. Behind Broderick on the roller coaster on the Santa Monica Pier is a man wearing Cameron's Detroit Red Wings jersey and at the museum a man is seen wearing Bueller's leopard print vest.

The commercial is packed with many more, so tell us: How many have you seen?