Housewares On Display

The house is not a home without housewares.

From home health and safety products to electrics and small appliances, housewares takes center stage at the International Housewares Show at the McCormick Place Exhibition Center in Chicago.

The Early Show's lifestyle contributor Sissy Biggers gave a round-up of the newest and most innovative household products in the $267.8 billion industry.

The 2003 International Housewares Show, sponsored by the International Housewares Association, runs from Jan. 12-14 at McCormick Place Exhibition Center in Chicago, and showcases thousands of housewares products for every room inside the home as well as outdoor living spaces.

The 106th show has 1,700 exhibitors from nearly 40 countries that show their products in three categories: Electrics & Home Healthcare Expo, the Kitchen, Dining and Decorative Expo and the Home Organization, Cleaning, & Furniture Expo.


If there is one overriding trend to this year's show it's design. According to IHA spokesperson Anita Pederson, design is the cutting edge difference between any product sitting on a shelf, in a showroom, or selling out.

Biggers demonstrated the following new, innovative and useful homegoods products:

Keep It Cool

  • Cooper Cooler: This rapid beverage chilling appliance is the fastest way to cool beverages from room temperature to cold drinking temperature. User adds ice and water into the cooler, selects container settings, and the device does the rest. Chills soda cans in one minute and a bottle of wine in six minutes. $89.99
  • Ice Cream Chiller: Specially designed holder keeps pint-size ice creams cool for up to 1.5 hours. The double-walled construction also prevents hands from becoming cold, as well as condensation from dripping onto your table or counter. The Ice Cream Chiller is made by Progressive International and will be available in national retail stores as of May 2003. $7.99
  • Chillow: This product, says Biggers, is a thin soft insert designed to keep one's pillow surface cool. She says it's wonderful for headaches, sunburns, fevers and hot flashes. It can be used with or without a pillow. $24.95, for store locations go to Chillow's Web site or call 1-888-CHILLOW.

Keep It Fresh

  • Fruit Saver: A patented covered bowl equipped with a base circulating fan to keep a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in a climate-controlled zone of about 58 degrees F — extending or doubling the life of the produce. $69.00
  • Seal-A-Can: Biggers says this new patented device saves the fizz and flavor of unfinished soda in cans. $3.49. Available approximately March 2003 with retail stores to be determined.
  • Pie Keeper: This device, says Biggers, is designed to seal in the filling and flavor of your freshly cut pie, so every slice is as fresh as the first. Fits any 9" to 10" pie. $2.99.

Keep It Clean

  • Vacuums: Barbie Real Vacuum by Bissell is a light-weight electric stick vacuum making clean-up quick, says Bigger. It is easy and fun, especially for young girls. The exact same product, the Bissell GoVac, comes in translucent blue. Both have four-piece handles extending to various lengths for kids and adults alike. Also, by removing handle transforms into a hand vacuum. $39.99, available at Sears, Linens n' Things and
  • Smart Bin: The Smart Waste bin opens automatically as it senses the approach of your hand. Biggers says it features a passive infrared motion sensor to activate the lid. It is battery operated. $55.00.


  • Popcorn Popper: The classic stovetop popper allows you the fun of making popcorn the old-fashioned way, but includes new features such as a top window for monitoring, a butter drip, and a commercial-like stirring paddle to keep kernels moving and heated evenly. $24.99. To locate retailers, call 801-571-7349.
  • Coffee Grinder: KitchenAid re-introduces the world's first home electric Coffee Mill (Model A-9) from a 1938 design by Egmont Arens (renowned designer of the Stand Mixer). $79.99, available April 2003.

Cookware Innovations

  • Peeler: OXO Good Grips Julienne Peeler quickly and safely peels fruits and vegetables creating perfect Julienne strips. Comes with safety cover and non-slip handles. $6.99, available approximately April 2003.
  • Grill Pan: Biggers says the Bialetti's Spazio System pots and pans are designed for space-saving convenience because the folding handles allow for easy storage. The Italian cookware line includes plastic storage lids and a Health Grill that drains fat and has a unique fan shape to optimize cooking space. Health Grill is $39.99, available at U.S. department stores, as well as mass and specialty retailers nationwide. For more information, consumers can call 1-800-421-6290.
  • Microwave: Biggers says the new Glide and Cook microwave oven by LG Electronics makes meal preparation easier and more convenient for its users. It features a unique sliding-tray system that allows consumers to cook food more thoroughly in rectangular dishes, instead of being restricted to round dishes with conventional turntable microwaves. $429 to $599, available February 2003.