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Household items that can double as cleaners

What do baby wipes, ketchup and toothpaste all have in common? They all can help clean your house!

On "The Early Show on Saturday Morning," This Old House magazine Online Editor Alex Bandon pointed to five items you probably already have around for other things that can also help you clean!

This information appears on the This Old House website here.

Baby wipes: Eliminate dust and dirt from antique furniture without marring fine finishes by rubbing with gentle, fragrance-free wipes.

Toothpaste: Remove marker "artwork" with toothpaste rather than repainting to cover it up. Simply squeeze the paste on a rag and wipe on the wall to make doodles disappear. Works with Crayola-type kids' markers as well as felt-tip and ballpoint pens.

Oven Cleaner: Dissolve drain stains on a white enameled cast-iron tub with a coat of oven cleaner. Let sit for an hour or two, then scrub with steel wool.

Ketchup: Polish away rusty or dull spots in a copper sink by wiping on this condiment, which acts as a mild acid, and sponging clean.

Nail-polish remover: Erase everything from paint splotches to ink stains from laminate floors by adding a few drops of an acetone formula to a rag and spot cleaning.

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