Hotsheet Live: Voters frustrated with lack of transparency

(CBS News) -- On's Hotsheet Live on Friday, CBS News political director John Dickerson was joined by National Journal's Ron Fournier and Erin McPike of Real Clear Politics to discuss a seeming lack of transparency in the 2012 presidential campaign, and how voters are responding it.

"With a lot of the voters that I've talked to on the road, they just don't feel like they are getting answers from anyone - not from the media, not from the candidates, and frankly not from the candidates' websites," McPike said.

The lack of forthcoming information in this campaign cycle is "like customer service for your cable company," Dickerson quipped.

"People are scared, they're frightened, they're frustrated, they're disillusioned and they don't know where to turn," Fournier added.

Each panelist concluded the show with an endorsement for a piece of political journalism. Fournier highlighted "Clarence Darrow: Attorney for the Damned," a book by John Farrell.

McPike recommended the recent GQ story on Romney adviser Eric Ferhnstrom, "Mitt Romney's Dark Knight," by Jason Zengerle.

Dickerson endorsed "See How They Ran: The Changing Role of the Presidential Candidate," by Gil Troy.

Watch the entire discussion, including the panel's thoughts on Sen. Marco Rubio's chances of becoming Romney's running-mate, in the video above.