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New appliances and decorative items for your home that have just hit the market or will soon be available were shown at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas last week.

Danny Lipford, the host of "Today's Homeowner," was there, and on Wednesday, he will show The Early Show some of his favorite products from the show.

More than 90,000 building industry professionals from over 100 countries flocked to the Las Vegas Convention Center to attend seminars and primarily see the latest building products on the market and new appliances and decorative items for the home.

The following were some of Lipford's favorites from the show:

LG Electronics TV Refrigerator; $3,000

"Television Dinner" takes on a new meaning with the new TV/Refrigerator from LG Electronics. This refrigerator includes a cable-ready, 13 1/2-inch television screen, AM/FM radio, two speakers and an NTSC tuner. The 26-cubic-foot, side-by-side unit also includes an automatic icemaker and a tall water dispenser in a titanium finish. The TV Refrigerator will be available in April 2004.

KitchenAid Briva In-Sink Dishwasher; $2,100
(includes heater, sink & dishwasher)

KitchenAid has developed the first-ever In-Sink Dishwasher. Lipford says this dishwasher is perfect for a small apartment, condo, vacation home or even the wet bar area in a larger home. The dishwasher holds 5 sets of dishes and can clean these small loads up to three times faster than standard full-sized dishwashers. When the dishwasher is not in use, you can use it as a second sink.

LG Electronics Combination Coffeemaker and Microwave Oven; White and Black Finishes, $149.99, Stainless Steel, $179.99

For those with little counter space in the kitchen, Lipford says the Combination Coffeemaker and Microwave Oven is the perfect new appliance. It helps save time in the morning, not to mention counter space. This unit includes 1200-watts power, a large turntable and a coffee timer with auto shut-off after one-hour of brewing. The Combination Coffeemaker and Microwave Oven will be available in June 2004.

Style Solutions Inc. Ceiling Dome; $600 and up

Style Solutions has introduced a line of one-piece, durable urethane ceiling domes. Lipford says the domes are perfect for any dining room or hallway. Once installed, all domes can be highlighted with accent lighting or specialty finishes. Not only can the domes be used in the interior of your home, but also in such exterior spaces as gazebos or serve as fountain bases. The domes come in 5 different sizes (3 round domes and 2 oval domes) and two styles (Traditional and Pembroke).

VELUX Electronically Tintable Skylight; $1,800 2' x 3"
(Includes the switchable glass, remote control and rain sensors)

VELUX teamed up with SageGlass to create an electronically tintable skylight. Solar control allows light control at the touch of a button, without losing view of the sky. The skylight helps save energy, eliminates heat gain and provides maximum protection from fading of furniture and artwork. And, it can be opened with a remote control. For those of you who are the forgetful types, don't worry. Lipford says if you leave the house and it begins to rain, the edges of the skylight have rain sensors. The skylight will automatically close when moisture hits the sensors.

Pittsburgh Corning ProVantage Glass Block Installation System

The new ProVantage Glass Block Installation System was created for do-it-yourselfers. The glass block system is a mortarless system that incorporates a special spacer system and joint finish to make installation easier than ever before. In the past, you had to depend on experienced mason to install large glass block panels. The glass block system can turn corners, make radius walls, build showers and is suitable for interior or exterior applications.

The Provantage Glass Block Installation will be available this spring through authorized Pittsburgh Corning distributors across the country. The system will be available through home centers by the end of the year.

American Standard Champion Toilet; $249 at Home Depot

Lipford says the Champion Toilet is a must-have for anyone who has small children in their home. The Champion Toilet features the America's Best Flushing System, a system that virtually eliminates clogs, overflows, and plunging, handle-juggling waster water and expensive repairs. When American Standard put the toilet to the test, they were able to flush up to 25 golf balls at a time.

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