Is a "beautiful, funny woman" hard to find?

In this season of summer blockbusters, women are stealing the show and bringing in the crowds.

From action heroes in "Mad Max" and secret agents in "Spy" to a cappella singers in "Pitch Perfect 2," those female-led films are all box office gold.

That's why comments made by Hollywood titan and former Disney CEO Michael Eisner are drawing criticism. In a conversation with Oscar-winning actress Goldie Hawn in Aspen last week, Eisner said he thought the secret to Hawn's successful career is her rare combination of looks and comic talent.

"From my position, the hardest artist to find is a beautiful, funny woman... By far. They usually -- boy am I going to get in trouble, I know this goes online but -- usually, unbelievably beautiful women, you being an exception, are not funny," Eisner said.

He added that, since the era of Lucille Ball, a beautiful and funny woman in Hollywood have been a rare breed.

The conversation at the Aspen Institute was meant to discuss Hawn's career and The Hawn Foundation, which helps at-risk children deal with stress. Audio of the conversation has not been made available by the institute.

CBS News reached out to Goldie Hawn who said in a statement: "The gift of comedy given to the many outstanding talented women throughout history has never been predicated on physical beauty. It's brilliance, timing, truth fearlessness, and without a doubt a sign of high intelligence. Long live the women who bring laughter into the hearts of people everywhere."

Catherine Rampell, an opinion writer for the Washington Post, said Eisner's comments were out of tune with the comedy landscape of 2015.

"Tina Fey -- beautiful woman. Sofia Vergara -- bombshell. Sarah Silverman -- very hot -- a lot of her comedy is about that very fact. The list goes on and on; there are a lot of women who meet both criteria of being very funny and also quite easy on the eyes," Rampell said.

The director of "Pitch Perfect 2," Elizabeth Banks, responded to Eisner's remarks with some choice words on Twitter: "Stop spreading this bull****."

Amy Schumer speaks her mind 09:08

Comedian Amy Schumer, executive producer and star of her own sketch comedy show on Comedy Central, often uses that platform to discuss whether she's pretty enough for TV.

"Let's take another vote: If anybody thinks that Amy Schumer shouldn't be on the TV because she's not hot enough, for whatever reason?" she quipped in her "12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer" act.

"Has the world gone mad? This girl thinks she deserves to be on camera? She's not a 10!" a "juror" responds.

Rampell said Eisner's statement speaks to Hollywood's male-dominated power structure.

"The very fact that he thought it was okay to talk about this subject and to make these statements suggests that this is a common attitude throughout Hollywood," Rampell said.

Amy Schumer stars in a feature-length comedy that she also directed, opening in movie theaters later this month. CBS News reached out to Eisner for comment, but he had not replied as of Monday morning.