Hofstra University student and armed suspect killed in home invasion, police say

Police outside the home where a Hoftra University student and an intruder were killed
CBS New York
Police outside the home in Uniondale, N.Y., where a Hofstra University student and an intruder were killed, Friday, May 17, 2013.
CBS New York

(CBS/AP) UNIONDALE, N.Y. - Police say a Hofstra University student and an armed suspect were fatally shot during a break-in at a Long Island home.

Nassau County Deputy Inspector Kenneth Lack says a man with a ski mask forced his way into the home at 2:20 a.m. Friday. Three women and one man were in the house. Identities haven't been released.

Lack says the suspect allowed one of the women to leave the house, and she immediately called 911.

He says police arrived 2:29 a.m. at which time the shooting occurred. He says the suspect and one female victim were killed.

Lack says police have applied for a search warrant for the house, which is located next to the Hofstra campus.

According to CBS New York, Friday is the last day of exams for Hofstra students, the graduation ceremony will be Sunday.

The university had no immediate comment regarding the shooting.

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