"HMU" Top Facebook Status Trend of 2010

Have you heard of HMU?

If not, get ready for that to change. Facebook named HMU - shorthand for Hit Me Up - as the top status update trends of the year.

According to the Facebook Blog, in 2009, HMU was virtually unheard of - about 20 people were posting it a day in May 2009. By the end of the year, it had risen to 1,600 posts a day.

But in 2010 - the number of posts including the acronym increased by 75 percent each month until it reached 80,000 mentions by the end of the summer.

The interesting thing? Before September, people used it equally throughout the week. But as school started back up, Facebook now sees huge upsurges of people using HMU during free time on the weekends.

So what were the other top trends for people to talk about in their statuses?

2. The World Cup

3. Movies

4. iPad and iPhone 4

5. Haiti

6. Justin Bieber

7. Games on Facebook, especially the phrase "barn raising" in reference to FarmVille

8. Chilean miners

9. Airplanes - both travel and referencing the B.o.B. song "Airplanes"

10. 2011 - talking about the future