Hip-hop and hamburgers come together in this clever video

(CBS News) So I just put up a really nice round-up of music in honor of it being Friday (and the weekend being so close), but realized it lacked in the rap and hip-hop representation. And since it's about time for lunch... I've got just the thing. Check out as music and munchies come together.

The extremely fun and clever video entitled "What's Cookin?" was posted by Vimeo user LRG who writes:

Conventional wisdom tells us not to talk with our mouth full, but no one ever said anything about pieces of food rapping along to some of the best culinary lines in hip-hop history. The latest short from production duo BankShot with music by DJ Nick Castle finds a stop-motion film that shows everything from pancakes and bacon to a green pepper with a platinum grill lip-synching along to classic lines from Biggie Smalls, Guru, Raekwon, Q-Tip, Action Bronson, Method Man and a whole lot more notable emcees. Dinner is served.

I loved the music, the idea, the execution... everything about this video! I'm also really hungry for some reason. To check out more work from LRG, you can click here to go to their Vimeo page.