Hillary Clinton Hostage Taker Leeland Eisenberg Has Been Re-Captured

(Fosters Daily Democrat/Mike Ross)
CONCORD, N.H. (CBS/AP) Leeland Eisenberg, the man who took hostages at one of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign offices in 2007, is back in custody after he cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet Tuesday morning.

Photo: Leeland Eisenberg in 2007 in Rochester, N.Y.

Strafford County Attorney Thomas Velardi said Eisenberg was found in his Dover apartment about 11:05 a.m. Wednesday. He was taken into custody by his probation officer and was returned to jail.

Eisenberg cut off his bracelet a day after he was given a "last chance" at freedom by a judge who released him despite multiple probation violations.

Eisenberg spent about two years behind bars for the incident at Clinton's office in Rochester. He entered the campaign office with what appeared to be a bomb strapped to his chest. He was released in Nov. 2009 but violated his probation by not charging his monitoring bracelet. Velardi believes, "he needs to go to state prison."