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Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren team up

Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton sing each o... 00:55

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren could be vying against each other for the Democratic presidential nomination (or so some would like to believe), but the two politicians had only kind words for one another on Friday at a rally in Massachusetts for embattled gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley.

Warren kept her remarks about Clinton short. "I am happy to welcome Secretary Clinton back to the Commonwealth," using the majority of her time on stage praising Coakley and highlighting her fight against big banks.

Clinton, meanwhile, was effusive in her praise for the senator.

"I am so pleased to be here with your senior senator, passionate champion for working class people and middle class families, Elizabeth Warren," Clinton said. "I love watching Elizabeth, you know, give it to those who deserve to get it. Standing up not only for you, but people with the same needs and the same wants across the country. Great pleasure to be here in a state with such a great tradition of leadership"

Clinton told the crowd that backstage, she and Warren shared stories about being grandmothers.

Warren, who has in the past said she's not running for president, recently sounded more open to the possibility. Meanwhile, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee continues to push for support of the "Elizabeth Warren wing" of the Democratic party.

It remains to be seen whether two of the most famous women in American politics today can help Coakley gain more traction with voters by Election Day -- the latest poll shows her trailing her Republican opponent by nine points.

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