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High-End Tech Wares Of 2004

On Thursday, the world's largest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) gets under way with thousands of exhibitors showcasing their latest state-of-the-art wares.

David Gregg, Best Magazine senior editor, visits The Early Show to offer a sneak peek at some products sure to be making news from the show floor at the Las Vegas convention center from Jan. 8–11.

Aside from acres of high-definition, flat-panel televisions, aisles are filled with the latest wireless technology including one you will be hearing a lot about in 2004 called Bluetooth.


Bluetooth is a low-grade wireless (up to about 30 feet of transmission) technology that allows similarly equipped devices like cell phones, PDAS, digital cameras, printers, computers and even digital TVs to all communicate.

Here are products featured from Bluetooth Technology:

  • Logitech wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and wireless hub for the PC
  • Bluetooth enabled Palm
  • Bluetooth Cell Phone
  • Bluetooth Printer and Digital Camera

    Cost: $250 for keyboard, mouse and Hub; $100 and more for Bluetooth enabled phones and PDAs
    Web site:

    Intel Personal Video Player
    Created for those who need to catch their favorite TV show, home movies or movies on the go, it's not much bigger than a PDA and is outfitted with more efficient and smaller Intel X scale processor chips plus huge hard drives. These portable devices allow you to connect directly to TV, digital camera, camcorder and computer. You even can transfer movies for viewing on its 6- to 8-inch high resolution screen. The portability allows you to carry just about 70 hours of every digital format available, with room to spare.

    Cost: Starting at $399
    Web Site:

    Satellite Radio
    Another innovative wireless technology (Satellite Radio) is going from the car to the beach. Sirius Sat radio just announced its Satellite radio Boombox. Now you can take your satellite radio with over 100 stations and listen to tunes on the beach, in the car or in your house.
    Cost: $99 boom box, $99 radio, $12.95 month service.
    Web site:

    Canon Digital Camcorder

    A new line of Digital camcorders has an entry-level model ZR80 starting at $399 and a top of the line model going for under $600.

    The three camcorders offer one of the longest optical zoom ranges in its category: 18x for the ZR80, 20x on the ZR85, and 22x on the ZR90 - all exceeding the entry-level category. All three camcorders offer a high-quality image-stabilization system to avoid camera shake. The trio features a low shutter speed for low light shooting and The ZR90 includes Super Night Mode, which can add light to a dimly lit area.

    Cost: The Canon ZR80, ZR85, and ZR90 will be available in March at estimated selling prices of $399, $499, and $599, respectively.
    Web site:

    TV to Go
    Sharp's AQUOS LC-15L1U, a 15-inch flat LCD TV, is the world's first wireless TV. Complete with carry handle and built-in speakers, it has a transmitter that connects to existing cable, satellite feed or DVD player. The 11-pound TV receives video and audio wirelessly from up to 300 feet away. It's perfect for the back yard or by the pool. The 11-pound flat TV operates on a rechargeable battery for portability or can be plugged into a wall socket.

    Cost: $1,799
    Web Site:

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