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Hershey unwraps new corporate branding

HERSHEY, Pa. -- Hershey (HSY) is rolling out a new corporate logo that features a freshly stylized version of one of its most famous chocolate products -- the iconic Hershey Kiss. The new logo, announced Friday, also drops the apostrophe "s" included in the former Hershey's logo.

Hershey Company

The candy maker's "identity refresh" includes a new set of more colorful designs that will extend across the company's websites, office spaces and stores.

"Our new corporate brand is bigger than one logo," says Hershey spokesman Jeff Beckman. It's part of what the company calls a "disciplined identity system" designed to provide more consistency.

Ron Burrage, the company's senior global design director, says the goal is to help people "clearly identify, this is from The Hershey Company."

For its products, the only change will be on the back of packaging where the company's name is printed.

Based in central Pennsylvania, The Hershey Company has about 13,000 employees and generates more than $7 billion in annual sales.

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