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Hero Subway Motorman: I'm No Hero

A quick-thinking, eagle-eyed subway motorman in midtown Manhattan is being hailed as a hero -- but don't tell HIM that.

Francis Luck modestly insisted on "The Early Show" Monday that his stopping his train just 70 feet or so from a woman who'd walked onto the tracks and was sprawled out was all in a day's work. He was, he says, just doing his job.

It happened in the stop right outside "The Early Show"'s studios on Saturday morning, as Lusk's train was barreling into the station.

But Lusk spotted her and managed to stop just in time.

The New York Daily News, which first reported the story, says spectators "looked on in disbelief."

The newspaper says Lusk "knelt on the tracks and consoled the woman, but didn't move her because he feared he might exacerbate her injuries. … She was dazed but conscious."

As his train approached the station, Lusk recalled for co-anchor Julie Chen, "I observed the platform as I was entering and I just happened to see the lady just walking -- just continue to walk and just walked right off the edge of the platform. I quickly brought my train into a controlled stop and notified my conductor (of) what was going on. I called the control center ... because I knew we were going to need EMS (Emergency Medical Services) and also to get the power off on the third rail."

"I wasn't worried about stopping," Lusk explained. "I was more worried about if she tried to move, because she was so close to the third rail. That, you know, it would have been a lot worse of a situation at that point for her. ... She would have electrocuted herself (if she'd touched the third tail)."

When he got to her, Lusk says, the woman told him she was bleeding. "I actually had tissues in my pocket. so I gave them to her so she could blot the blood. … And basically within minutes, police had arrived on the scene."

Lusk says he has no idea why the woman walked off the platform.

He blushed as Chen told him he's being called a hero all around town. "Basically," Lusk says, "I don't feel like a hero. You know, I mean, I did basically what my job was. You know basically make sure, you know, that everybody gets, you know, home safely."

The woman was taken to a hospital.

And after all that, Lusk - finished his shift, the Daily News says.