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Herman Cain to announce "next steps" on Saturday

Herman Cain "will be making an announcement" in Atlanta tomorrow to "clarify what the next steps are," he said at a town hall in South Carolina Friday afternoon.

The former Godfather's Pizza CEO declined to elaborate on what that announcement might be, insisiting that "nobody's going to get me to make that announcement prematurely."

The comment comes amid increasing speculation that Cain will drop his bid for the White House in the wake of a series of sexual harassment allegations as well as claims of a 13-year extramarital affairthat have helped torpedo his standing in the polls.

A senior adviser to the campaign tells CBS News and  National Journal that Cain simply plans to announce the opening of a campaign office in Georgia.

But that seems to both contradict Cain's promises of an announcement to "clarify" his next steps and his timetable for making a decision. Cain will meet with his wife in person later today - for the first time since the affair charge surfaced - to help decide whether to press on with his campaign. He said Thursday night that he will make a decision by Monday.

The Washington Post, citing sources close to Cain's campaign, reported Friday that Cain has invited his top donors and backers to Atlanta Saturday morning to "give them advance word of whether he intends to continue his campaign."

(At left, CBS News political analyst John Dickerson, Washington Post's Nia-Malika Henderson, National Journal's Reid Wilson and Real Clear Politics' Scott Conroy discuss if Cain is getting out of the race and who gets his votes if he does.)

One person who plans to attend the event said he expects Cain to end his candidacy, though another speculated that he would just express gratitude for his backers' continued support. Cain is expected to hold a news conference following the meeting.

Cain's campaign unveiled a new "Women for Cain" website Fridaychaired by Cain's wife Gloria featuring testimonials from women who support the candidate. The site does not include an image of Gloria Cain or a personal appeal from her directly.

"Women for Cain" back embattled candidate

Cain, who has strongly denied the charges against him, said Tuesday he was reassessing his candidacy in the wake of the affair allegations. He has said that his "wife and family comes first," adding: "I got to take that into consideration."

A new poll from the Des Moines Register shows that his support has fallen to 8 percent in Iowa, down from 23 percent in late October.

With reporting by Lindsey Boerma.

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