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What are the hot toys around the U.S.?

For children in New York and California, the hottest toys this year are video game systems. In Alaska, hockey skates will rule the holidays. And Monster High dolls are especially hot in Nevada.

That's according to savings site SumoCoupon, which has studied Google's search and trends data to get a sense of the most popular toys across the country. The site created a heat map of sorts showing the hottest toys in each state.

The study is by no means scientific, but it does show that certain toys seem to have geographic pockets of interest this year. For three states in the southeast -- Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia -- children's electronic tablets are more likely to appear under the tree.

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In the northwest, children in Oregon and Montana are more likely to receive bicycles. But in Washington and Wyoming, art supplies are seeing more interest this holiday season.

The findings also seemed to support to the idea that Barbie is losing some appeal this year. Only two states -- Texas and Tennessee -- had the iconic doll as the trendiest toy. This follows a survey by the National Retail Federation that showed Barbie losing the top spot among girls' toys. She lost her title to merchandise from the "Frozen" movie, although SumoCoupon's research showed "Frozen" toys as the leader in just one state: North Carolina.

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Lego toys were shown to have broader appeal in the NRF survey, landing on the gift lists for both boys and girls. And SumoCoupon's study showed that Legos were the top toy in three states: Utah, Iowa and Michigan.

When it comes to the amount spent on hot toys, parents in Colorado and Hawaii have it pretty good this year. The Rubik's Cube, which sells for around $10 on Amazon, is generating a good deal of holiday interest there. Play-Doh -- also a pretty good deal, all things considered -- is trending in Indiana.

Pity the financial blow in states where pricey video game systems were seeing the most interest, however. Those include Illinois and Wisconsin in addition to New York and California.

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