Helen Mirren talks nudity and her career

Dame Helen Mirren talks about her life in film, and becoming famous for "getting my kit off," during her interview with "60 Minutes" in 2007

Dame Helen Mirren has become a common sight in tabloid magazines, looking smashing at 60-something in a bikini. Long before paparazzi started tailing her on beach holidays, Morley Safer sat down with the British actress and talked about nudity in her golden years:

Dame Helen Mirren: "Oh, it gets better as you get older, Morley. You should try it."

Morley Safer: "Well, no, I'm..."

Dame Helen Mirren: "Yes, I think we should do this interview, both of us, in the nude. You'd love it. Go on."

Morley Safer: "What the hell...?"

Clearly, this was an unusual conversation for "60 Minutes," and it hasn't been available online until now. We at "60 Minutes Overtime" decided that this classic Morley Safer profile of Dame Helen Mirren deserved to be featured as our "60 Rewind" of the week.