HealthPop video: Long hours are depressing, scientists zap rats

People who work 11-plus hours a day are two-and-a-half times more likely to become depressed than those clock out after seven or eight; Also, ultrasounds could be the key to birth control for men; And, a special "What the Health" segment on babies.

On this week's HealthPop video:

  • Does work get you down? You're not alone. But a new study says people who work more than 11 hours per day are much more likely to be depressed. Wait until you hear the reasons might be even more depressed.
  • Why are scientists at the University of North Carolina zapping rat sperm with ultrasound?
  • And introducing a new HealthPop segment: "What the Health?"

See for yourself, from's Nick Dietz, in the latest HealthPop video.