HealthPop video: Crabs for eczema, dogs for pregnancy, chocolate for fitness

Cutting calories to lose weight is complicated with lies; Pregnant women with dogs get a lot more exercise; Treating eczema with PJs made from crab shells; Using chocolate to teach kids about fitness - What the Health? To add a little humor and make long stories short,'s Nick Dietz reports.

(CBS) On this week's HealthPop video:

  • Eczema, the itchy red rash that affects 3 percent of kids and adults can be painful and irritating to sufferers. Can a pair of pajamas made from crab shells come to the rescue?
  • A new study shows dogs can help pregnant women. How?
  • Ever hear the advice you should cut 500 calories a day to lose weight? A new study says that might not help after all...

Get the scoop on these stories - plus a new  "What the Health" featuring an odd choice for an awareness campaign - from's Nick Dietz in the latest HealthPop video.