"Headphones murder" suspect to stand trial in Phila.

Arkel Garcia
Philadelphia Police Dept.

PHILADELPHIA - A 20-year-old Philadelphia man accused of fatally shooting another man over a pair of headphones has been ordered to stand trial, reports CBS Philly.

Arkel Garcia is charged with killing 21-year-old Christian Massey last November in the Overbrook neighborhood of Philadelphia for Massey's coveted "Beats by Dr. Dre" headphones.

Massey had reportedly purchased the headphones on Black Friday, the day before he was killed.

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Garcia allegedly initially told police he witnessed the shooting but said another man was responsible, according to the station.

Now, his defense attorney reportedly contends Garcia was not present during the attack and was not involved in the case at all.

The prosecutor on the case says Massey had a similar back story to the plot of the 2009 movie "The Blind Side." He had reportedly been taken from his home at age 11 but thrived after that and was a successful athlete planning on attending college when he was killed.