Headlines From The Mean Streets

New York Daily News: Senator Schumer Takes on Robo-calls, the Sequel
First he took on fraudulent auto warranty robo-callers, now he is after companies calling people's cell phones to push low interest rate credit cards.
New York Post: Harvard Student Eyed As Connection In Campus Murder
Harvard has banned a brilliant scholar from Brooklyn in connection with last week's deadly shooting on campus. Was she the link between a slain pot dealer and the son of a retired New York cop accused of killing him?
New York Daily News: Rape Victim To Testify Against Bouncer Accused of Killing Imette St. Guillen
The city has been riveted by the case of a beautiful graduate student whose naked, lifeless body was found in February 2006. She had been bound and a sock forced into her mouth. She was last seen leaving a bar called The Falls in the city's posh Soho neighborhood. Darryl Littlejohn, a bouncer at the bar, is standing trial for her murder. Now, a woman who was raped, but survived a shockingly similar assault, will testify against Littlejohn, leaving many to wonder how many more victims might there be?