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Have Windows 7 Starter on your Netbook? Here's How to Change the Desktop

Windows 7 Starter Edition comes on a lot of netbooks, which is too bad -- it might sound "lighter" than Home Premium, but there's not a shred of performance difference between the two. If you have a netbook, you might as well run Home Premium on it.

But if you do have Starter, and you're plagued by Microsoft's decision to lock in the default desktop background, here's a free and easy way to reclaim the ability to change the desktop wallpaper.

You'll need a program called Starter Background Changer, which allows you to select your own desktop wallpaper image -- you know, like you can do with any other version of Windows.

The program is a curious mix of French and English -- the installer is not localized into English, but the program itself is. So as long as you can get it installed (see the steps at Download Squad if you need help), you should have no trouble using the program.

Not only can you change the background image, but this free utility also enables you to select multiple images in slideshow mode, just like the grown-up versions of Windows. Not bad for free. [via Download Squad]