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@HassanRouhani tweets, but Hassan Rouhani doesn’t

This post was written by Hannah Fraser-Chanpong.

DAVOS, Switzerland - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is not the one tweeting from the @HassanRouhani Twitter account, Rouhani told a group of journalists and news executives Thursday in Davos, Switzerland.

Rouhani remained vague about who is behind the some 2,400 messages from the English-language account bearing his name.

The account, which has more than 170,000 followers, is not verified by Twitter. Tweets are sometimes sent in rapid fire and often while Rouhani is speaking publicly. Recent photos tweeted by the account show Rouhani with children in an orphanage, Iranian artists and war veterans in the Iranian provence of Khuzestan. A tweet sent on Christmas Day last year read "honored to spend time on this special day w/ patriotic followers of #Christ who've made ultimate sacrifice for #Iran."

The page links to another prolific, but Persian-language, Twitter account, @Rouhani_ir. @Rouhani_ir is also unverified.



The question about the account was raised during a small, private meeting following a highly anticipated speech by the Iranian President at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. Rouhani stressed during his address that Iran is "ready to engage" with countries in the Middle East, Europe and the United States, and emphasized repeatedly the strength of Iran's economy.

Tweets by @HassanRouhani echoed Rouhani's remarks.


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