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Woman sings "Amazing Grace" to lift spirits of Harvey flood victims

Lifting spirits through song
Lifting spirits through song 02:31

LIVINGSTON, Texas -- It was an impromptu moment captured on camera: Victoria White, a 30-year-old university admissions counselor, singing a song of hope at the Lone Star Convention Center shelter.

She was doing it for the dozens of people in Conroe, Texas, who were forced to flee their flooded homes. 

Less than two days later, more than 16 million people had seen it. 

And on Thursday, White was back at it. This time, at another shelter in her hometown of Livingston, delivering a robust version of "Amazing Grace" as Harvey victim Patsy Morgan sang along.

Victoria White CBS News

After watching the coverage of Hurricane Harvey, White said she knew she had to do something. 

"We began to just sort of think about what we could do to inspire people and to let them know it looks hopeless but I promise it's not," White said. 

"And so with that, we said, 'Man, we could use our voices.'"

People warm up to her instantly. 

Evacuees from Harvey applaud Victoria White for her renedition of "Amazing Grace." CBS News

"I was raised to be a good person," White said. "You help your neighbors, you help the stranger who needs help. Because one day you're going to be at the other end of that stick. And you're going to need somebody's help."

Gail Fisher, like so many in Houston, is distraught -- but she has a reason to be grateful.

"It was blessing because it gives you an uplift ... and she has a beautiful voice to boot," Fisher said.

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