Harry Caray channeled by Rangers' Derek Holland

Derek Holland has sure made a name for himself in this World Series.

The mustachioed starting pitcher went from Game 4 hero to Game 5 Harry - Harry Caray, that is.

Fox gave the starting pitcher a headset in the top of the third inning Monday night and Holland launched into an impersonation of the famous Chicago Cubs announcer.

Holland has a pet Boxer named "Wrigley" so perhaps the Texas southpaw has a soft spot for the Cubbies. He also mentioned that he saw Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster's imitation of Caray earlier this year and wanted to see if he could top it.

Of course, Holland and Dempster were likely inspired less by Caray (who died in 1998) than by Will Ferrell, whose definitive impersonation spawned dozens of copycats.

Holland's Caray impression (followed by a Schwarzenegger mimicking) was fairly amusing, the humor enhanced by Holland's goofy smile and mesmerizing moustache.

But superstitious Rangers fans have to wonder: Why conjure up an icon, even in jest, who embodies the most cursed team in all of sports when your team is seeking its first-ever World Series title?