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Harrison Ford returns to the skies for first time since plane crash

Not even a plane crash could keep Harrison Ford on the ground.

The "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" actor returned to the skies on Thursday, less than three months after he was injured when the small plane he was piloting crashed on a California golf course.

Photographs show Ford, 72, at the Santa Monica Airport -- the same location where he took off before having to make that emergency landing in March -- where he was seen boarding and co-piloting a helicopter.

"Harrison was very, very happy to be back at the airport," a source told People. "He kept smiling and, although walking with a slight limp, looked great."

The source added, "He co-piloted his helicopter and flew up and down the coast with a friend for a couple of hours. He seemed very excited about flying again."

This is reportedly the first time the actor has been back to that airport since the crash, when the World War II-era single-engine plane he was piloting had engine failure shortly after takeoff. Ford, the plane's sole passenger, was hospitalized with serious injuries.

Now on the mend, Ford is also reprising his role as Han Solo in the next "Star Wars" film, "The Force Awakens," out in theaters this December.