Hannah, Hubby Swap Places; Flay Grills

All week long in The Early Show series, "Trading Places," the show's anchors trade jobs with their spouses.

On Tuesday, it was the turn of Hannah Storm and her husband, NBC Sports golf host Dan Hicks.

"You'd think," Hannah said, "as an anchor myself, I could step right into his golf shoes. Let's just say I found out his job is definitely a lot harder than it looks."

At first, Hannah admitted, she thought Dan had it made in the shade. Make that, the sun, such as shone on the Trump National Golf Club course at Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. earlier this month for the Michael Douglas and Friends charity golf tournament, which airs next month.

She thought Dan's was a dream job, taking him to some of the most beautiful golf resorts in the world, and enabling him to hobnob with celebrities. Compare that to her gig, which requires her to wake up at four in the morning.

"Yes, poor Dan, he's got it tough," Hannah said, sarcastically, "riding his golf cart, talking about his favorite sport all day long. Even the celebrities at the Douglas golf tournament knew who has the harder job."

"Please! Hannah's got the tougher job!" remarked actress Cheryl Ladd.

"I'm sticking with her, Dan," kidded Michael Douglas. "I don't know how to tell you!"

As Hannah got set to try Dan's job, she conceded, "I used to be a network sportscaster, but had never done golf play-by-play, and I quickly found out just how tough it was.

"I went to the Wachovia Championship in Charlotte, N.C. CBS golf anchor Jim Nantz agreed to slide over to the analyst's chair to give me a shot. Even in rehearsal, I was getting nervous.

"You realize pretty quickly that calling golf is more than talking in hushed tones about guys in funny pants. There are 18 holes to cover, and at any given time, dozens of golfers on the course."

Hannah treated viewers to a peek behind the scenes of covering golf for TV, such as what it's like in the booth and production truck.

At one point, Nantz jokingly held up a sign saying, "She's good. I'm in trouble!"

On The Early Show set, Dan told Hannah she'd done real well, except her tones weren't quite hushed enough.