Halloween With Fewer Kisses?

Chocolate giant Hershey Foods is experiencing the trick rather than the treat of Halloween as it confronts a candy shortage blamed on a new computer system, reports CBS News Correspondent Dan Raviv.

The computer system - intended to modernize the order-and-distribution process for Hershey Foods - isn't working. Glitches in the system have caused spot shortages of Hershey's candy nationwide.

But what will become of Halloween without chocolate kisses, Kit Kats or Twizzlers?

"The other companies are enjoying increased sales," says Ron Campel of E.D. Brown, a candy distributor in Illinois. "People are buying a Snickers bar when they can't buy a Hershey's bar."

Campel says the shortage really makes an impact during the trick-or-treat season, which he describes as "an orgy of candy."

The company's competitors are seeing their sales go up. Mars and Nestle U.S.A. say they've been getting an unusual number of late orders for Halloween.

Hershey reportedly is paying special attention to its largest customers. Kmart says it has gotten nearly all of its Halloween orders. Wal-Mart says it has been talking with Hershey every day.

Hershey hopes to have things ironed out before Christmas. But some experts predict the problems could continue into the New Year.

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