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Halfway To Mr. Right

It's the halfway point of The Early Show's big dating-game challenge.

Advice columnist E. Jean Carroll believes that any woman can find the man of her dreams in just six weeks if they follow the advice in her book, "Mr. Right, Right Now."

The Early Show found two women, Lirone and Tracy, to put her theory to the test.

In week one, we identified their "man-chasing styles" at a party packed with guys.

In week two, they tried to build their confidence by hitting a gym packed with guys.

This past week, their homework was to overcome their fears of approaching men by going to Grand Central terminal in New York City and exchanging numbers with 20 men they liked.

"It was very difficult. It really was about overcoming your fears," Tracy says. "I've never approached a man before in my life."

For Lirone, it was quite the opposite. She says, "I'm actually pretty assertive, but I don't come off as aggressive. This was a situation with the cameras; it made it really hard to go up to people. Men are immediately like, 'Oh, my God, the cameras, what's this about.' But I think men are actually flattered when women come up to them."

Following their own instincts, they were to use E. Jean's tips to approach them:

  1. Compliment Him - Make it real. Admire something that you actually like. When you compliment a man, he will like himself. When a man likes himself, he will like you.
  2. Look Into His Eyes, Touch His Arm - Stand close enough to look into his eyes, and if you feel comfortable, touch him. Mother Nature is a big fan of love at first sight. It's all about the eyes. The compliment stops him in his tracks. Then looking into his eyes will make him stand still. Mother Nature needs a few seconds to check you both out
  3. React To Him: Laugh, Listen, Respond - Studies show that the responsiveness of the woman is very important. It is a big turn-on. Both Lirone and Tracy do this extremely well.
E. Jean tells The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm she was pleased with the way the assignment went.

She says, "Most women would rather jump out of a plane than go up to a strange man. And they were brilliant. And may I preface this saying we've received e-mails from women across the country and they say, 'Give these two women six weeks and they could find Mr. Right because they're so young and pretty and thin.' I just want to say to every woman out there, no matter how old you are or if you weigh 280 pounds, 180 pounds, 108 pounds, if you take a risk like these two young women did and grasp the moment and go up to a man and say, 'hi,' you, too, could have a date with that adorable guy. So it will work, you just have to overcome the fear factor."

Lirone got a date with one of the men and Tracy got a phone call.

The idea behind the "Mr. Right, Right Now" intensive man-meeting session was to force Lirone and Tracy to go to a man so many times in an hour, they would get tired, and their bodies would become too exhausted to respond with stress, ending up just being themselves, says E. Jean.

Here are a few mistakes that both Lirone and Tracy (and most women make) as well as E. Jean's advice to fix them:

  • Don't Over-Think The Interaction - Don't act cool. Don't worry about being embarrassed. Don't be worried about what the guy is going to think of you. Simply be yourself. It's hard enough going up to a stranger. Don't stand there saying, "Should I go up to him?" "What if he hates me?" "What if he rejects me?" Instead say to yourself, "Can I let this moment pass by?" "Can he be my Dream Man?"
  • Don't Force A Smile - If there's no chemistry, move on with a cheery adios! You don't need a smile plastered on your face. A smile is an exquisitely attractive thing, but it's the glance that is the premier, innate courtship signal, not the smile. If you are a natural smiler, giggler, etc., fine. Stay true to your nature.
  • Don't Quit The Game Too Early - He may be so stunned, so surprised a woman has come up to him and spoken, (or so charmed) he doesn't react in the first few seconds. Don't leave the battlefield. Stay the course. If you like something about him, say so. "I love that briefcase! Where did you get it? I want one!" Give him time to adjust to the incredible idea of being chosen.

Now that Tracy has 14 phone numbers and Lirone 17, the women's next assignment is to learn how to manage many men at the same time. They will choose six men and have a games night. "Monopoly, charades and poker with your six favorite guys," E. Jean says.

The following is a refresher of the weekly goals.

Week One: Get the right mindset.
Week Two: Enhance natural assets.
Week Three: Get rid of fears.
Week Four: Learn to torture the fellows.
Week Five: Learn how not to intimidate the poor blokes.
Week Six: Land Mr. Right.

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