Hagel sworn in as defense secretary, calls sequester a "reality"

Former Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., was sworn in today as President Obama's next defense secretary, following a rocky confirmation in the Senate yesterday. In remarks to the Defense Department, Hagel said the challenges ahead, including the sequester cuts, will define the department as well as the nation.

Mr. Obama and congressional leaders say they want to avert the sequester, which goes into effect Friday, but Hagel today called the cuts a "reality." The automatic budget cuts, if left untouched, would slash around $500 billion from the Pentagon budget over 10 years.

"I don't need to dwell on all the good news there," Hagel said facetiously. "We need to figure this out... We need to deal with this reality."

Hagel, however, put an optimistic spin on the department's challenges, saying, "It's difficult, but it's also pretty special, when you think about generations and how many generations have had an opportunity to be a part of something great."

Hagel's confirmation yesterday came after a protracted and controversial confirmation process. Just four Senate Republicans joined Democrats in confirming his nomination yesterday.