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Guy Gear for the Home

Most dorm rooms and bachelor pads are in need of some serious style help. But Adam Rich and Hayden Lynch from know what's cool and have brought some of their favorite gadgets and gear that will help upgrade any space. is a daily online newsletter targeted at young male professionals who want to know what's cool right now. Thrillist's co-founder Adam Rich and Hayden Lynch, nation editor, shared products you can live without -- but may not want to.

Cardboard Safari Animals

If you're looking for some tongue-in-cheek, slightly ironic wall decoration, look no farther than Cardboard Safari. The Charlottesville-based e-tailer draws inspiration from nature and relies on sustainable and recycled materials to bring their designs to life. Each cardboard animal is laser-cut for precision and flat-packed to make shipping easier and less wasteful. In addition to their signature 'trophy' heads (bison, deer, moose, and rhino), Cardboard Safari offers full-bodied animals and specialty pieces like hearts (for Mother's Day), trees (for the holidays), and skulls (for Halloween). Each item is made from recycled cardboard and arrives with assembly instructions (part of the fun is putting together the puzzle).

Livespeakr Portable Speakers
This amazing new speaker system features a set of speakers that fold-up and store conveniently behind the iPhone when they are not in use allowing for maximum portability.

What separates the Livespeakr from the competition is its truly impressive functionality and highly innovative set of features. The system itself is ultra-portable and connects to a media player using a specially made "super" cradle that can work with and protect the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, iPod Touch 2G and iPod Classic. The cradle then locks into place on the Livespeakr and rotates (functioning much like the handling of a Rubik's cube) to interact with both the landscape and portrait positions with the media players. Simply turn the Livespeakr on to enjoy the high quality speakers that are shielded against radio frequency interference that plagues other speaker systems. When the iPhone receives an incoming phone call, the music is automatically lowered and the Livespeakr acts as a speakerphone enhancement, routing the call audio through the speakers and allowing convenient conference call capability.

The Average Day Watch
Strapped to a contrast-stitched leather band, this Mr. Jones

Please Touch Thermo Sensitive Pillows
These Hypercolor-esque cushions respond to body heat by changing colors (black to blue, red to violet, burgundy to purple), leaving behind both handprints, and irrefutable evidence of nude lounging. Although it serves absolutely no functional purpose, the soft lambskin pillow is designed to react to temperature shifts. Give it a hug and watch the marks from your skin show up in a different color on the pillow's surface. The print remains for a few moments before disappearing for a do-over.

MKS Knives
From an MIT-educated steel furniture designer who in 2003 decided to go the way of the blade. MKS handcrafts serious kitchen knives finished off with perfectly balanced handles originally manufactured for bikes. Precisely tuned for weight and control, each blade is made from one of four steel alloys chosen to suit its unique purpose, all tempered to be softer (i.e., less delicate) than their German/Japanese counterparts.
Starting at $150
MKS Design

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