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Gunshots fired outside VP Joe Biden's Delaware home

The Secret Service says it is looking into the incident, which occurred on Saturday evening when the vice president and his family were not home
Shots fired near Joe Biden's Delaware home 00:31

Multiple gunshots were fired from a speeding vehicle outside Vice President Joe Biden's Delaware residence on Saturday evening, federal law enforcement officials confirmed to CBS News.

A Secret Service spokesman told CBS News the Bidens were "out for the evening" when the shooting occurred around 8:25 p.m., but were at their Delaware residence for the weekend.

A law enforcement source told CBS News "several shots" were believed to have been fired from a pistol.

A federal official said the shooting occurred on a public road outside the established security perimeter. The vice president's private residence is several hundred yards from the main road where the shots were fired, which was outside the initial Secret Service guard post off the main roadway.

Secret Service officials said their personnel on duty heard the shots.

The New York Times reports Secret Service and local police were unable to catch the vehicle as it sped away.

Federal officials are working with the local authorities and don't know if this was a random or targeted shooting.

After the incident, a man was arrested for "resisting arrest" when he passed by an officer securing the outer perimeter area.

Young Cho, who lives two houses up from the Bidens, said Sunday that he heard four gunshots just before 8:30 p.m. on Saturday evening.

"We heard the shots, four of them," Cho told the Associated Press. "But next door there is always Secret Service so I wasn't too worried. I feel really safe here. But it was really strange, to hear those kinds of shots next to the vice president's house."

Biden's neighborhood includes stately stone-and-brick homes along a curving two-lane road that winds through rolling hills. Nestled in a heavily wooded area, the vice president's home is not visible from the main road. A small cottage, occupied by the Secret Service, sits on the property near a gate in front of the driveway that is blocked off by Secret Service vehicles and personnel.

Investigators were combing the residence for evidence.

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