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Gun-Toting Tricyclist Nabbed

A gunman who allegedly tried to hijack a car was apparently no better at driving it than he was at maneuvering his original vehicle: a tricycle.

He also wasn't very handy with the gun.

Oswaldo Valenciano, 24, was arrested Tuesday and will be booked at the Marion County (Ore.) Jail on felony charges, Lt. Dan Cary said.

Police were called after receiving reports that a man on a tricycle had been firing gunshots and had slammed into a car, Cary said.

"The tricycle pilot picked himself up and demanded to be taken to the hospital," Cary said. But the driver of the car, Marion Rodriguez, tried to persuade Valenciano to call 911, Cary said.

"At this point, Valenciano opens the rear car door and hops into the back seat of Mr. Rodriguez's car, demanding to be taken to the hospital," Cary said.

"Mr. Rodriguez gets out of his car and starts asking people to call 911. Valenciano then gets out, mounts his trike — and promptly falls over."

At that point, a police car arrived, prompting Valenciano to abandon his tricycle and get into the front seat of Rodriguez's car, still armed with his handgun, according to police reports.

"Officers saw the weapon and ordered Valenciano out of the car," Cary said. "Instead he puts the car in gear and tosses a handgun out. He fails to notice that the emergency brake is still set."

Valenciano eventually hit a street sign, lost control of the car and tried to hide in a nearby sports utility vehicle, police said

Valenciano was treated at Salem Hospital for a leg injury and a gunshot wound to his left foot.

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