"Green" Fashion, Formerly Hippie, Now Hip!

"Green" apparel seems headed for the mainstream!

Formerly on the fringes of the fashion world, environmentally-friendly clothes will soon go the way of organic food and beauty products, which have become multi-billion-dollar industries, observers predict. Already, the demand for organic clothing is doubling every year.

Jessica Tzerman, editor of the green magazine Plenty, spotlighted some eco-friendly outfits on The Early Show Thursday.

According to the March issue of O magazine, "A key factor in environmental style is raw materials, organically produced traditional crops; versatile fibers like bamboo, hemp and soybean; and fabrics cooked up out of everything from recycled plastic to seaweed. Weaving, quilting, and other time-honored handicrafts with links to indigenous cultures put a personal stamp on garments. And although organic style is usually associated with a natural, beige to brown palette, the development of plant based, non-toxic dyes has ushered in a Technicolor new age, another reason that today's green clothing looks less like whole green cereal and more like fashion."

The outfits models wore on The Early Show:


Bamboo Dress by Laura Miller: Made from bamboo fiber, locally in Chicago. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant, so it's a rapidly-renewing resource. $100 - $250

Organic Wild Silk Shawl by Indigo Handloom: No dyes, all organic, grown in the wild, so worms aren't fed chemicals, etc. No chemicals used in the process; has a natural metallic gold sheen! Eco-friendly because it's hand-woven and hand-twisted, meaning no energy use. $180

Repurposed leather clutch by aGaiN NYC: aGaiN NYC handbags and accessories are made from rescued and repurposed materials (JuNk) and transformed into stylish accessories for modern life (FuNk!). Environmentally and socially conscious, aGaiN's "limited edition" products are made in the U.S., with a portion of profits going to environmental charities. $165

Animal-product-free shoes by Te Casan: Natalie Portman's new line of animal product free shoes. $255


Cotton Organic T-Shirt by RE:VOLVE Apparel Project : Made of organic cotton grown without the use of harmful chemical pesticides. $38

Recyclable Nylon Surf Pant by Patagonia: Part of the Common Threads program, this nylon can be dropped off at any Patagonia to be recycled as part of the program.

Solar Jacket by Ermenegildo Zegna: Plug it in wherever you go; it's an outdoor jacket with solar cells integrated into the collar. Two solar modules, one on each side, convert the sun's energy into electricity. The electricity is routed via conductive textile cables to a buffer battery, which can be used to charge a device directly, or for storing the power until needed. $995

Eco-Friendly "2-in-1" shoes by Patagonia : made of recycled and non-toxic materials (no glue!), 70% natural latex. $130.00


Organic Cotton Denim Trench Dress by Linda Loudermilk : Organic denim is a huge transition right now -- better for you, better for the planet. Certified denim clothes are made from organic/transitional cotton and washed with natural enzymes. They're sewn in the U.S. under fair labor conditions. $280

Hemp shoes by Beyond Skin: Beyond Skin shoes are handmade from totally non-animal, man-made fibers. The company says it's also committed to fair-labor practices. Hemp is a rapidly renewable resource that uses less water and fertilizers/pesticides than cotton as it grows. $100 - $200

Biodegradable Umbrella by The Brelli: The Brelli -- the world's first biodegradable umbrella, is featured at Fred Segal and made of bamboo and biodegradable plastic.

Lulu Frost Vintage Jewelry: Lulu Frost recycled/reclaimed jewelry is best known for her one-of-a-kind pieces made from found antiques, including room numbers from the legendary Plaza Hotel, cut steel shoe buckles from the 1860s, forgotten keys, rare charms, and other resurrected finds, which she transforms from something old and forgotten into something modern and relevant. Each piece is handcrafted, which means there's less pollution associated with the manufacturing process. Necklaces $110-$495 Shoe Buckle Bracelet $250