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Great Beach Beauty Products

There are just a few short days left until the unofficial kickoff of the summer. So now is the time to start stocking up on some of the best products to help keep you looking gorgeous despite the heat and humidity.

Super stylist David Evangelista shows on The Early Show some of the must-have items to be a beauty on the beach this summer.

This year, thanks to some innovative new beauty products, women on the beach will be far more glam than ever before without having makeup melt all over the place.

For The Skin:
Estee Lauder Body Shimmer Sunscreen ($22.50)adds sparkle and glimmer to a flesh-colored sunscreen, making your skin look terrific while protecting against UVA/UVB rays

Lancome Soleil Sunscreen Flash Bronzer ($27.50) is a self-tanning spray with SPF 15 protection. It's perfect for on-the-beach protection. If it gets cloudy, you'll still get a tan!

Emergin Sun SPF 30+ Sun Protector ($32) is a lightweight, non-greasy broad-spectrum lotion that contains antioxidants and vitamins to help nourish your skin as you sun

Kiehl's Abyssine Lotion SPF 15 (about $35) helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face with the help of vitamins C and E while providing broad spectrum protection from harmful sun rays

Yardley Bronzed Beauty Glistening Mist ($7.99) offers post-sunning relief in a bottle. This water-based, alcohol-free mist gives skin a subtle bronze shimmer while soothing and moisturinzing skin with aloe.

For The Hair
Kerastase Soleil line (Serum Apres-Soleil, Aqua Protective, Volie Protecteur, $29 each) are loaded with vitamins. The Soleil line from Kerastase is created to prevent damage by sun, seawater, and chlorine pool water. The Aqua Protective and Voile Protecteur are to be used BEFORE going into the sun to prevent damage and repair already-damaged hair, while the newest addition to the line, Serum Apres-Soleil, restores shine and smoothness to especially damaged hair after sun exposure.

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray (about $18)will give you a windblown, salt-air, mussed-up look. Spritzing Bumble & Bumble's Surf Spray on your hair will add dimension to your summer 'do. And, it's packed with seaweed extract which helps hair retain moisture in the sun.

L'Oreal Vive Smooth-Intense Anti-Frizz Serum ($5.99) can be used post-swim or tan. This serum for dry, frizzy, rebellious hair tames frizzies and kinks for long-lasting control, and adds softness, shine, and a silky texture to hair.

Origins Shower Combs (about $6 each), made of heavy duty plastic, are perfect to bring onto the beach to detangle any mane after a swim in the ocean.

If you're usually remiss when it comes to applying makeup in the summer for fear that it'll melt off in the sun or in the ocean, you have no excuse to kiss off your lipstick and eyeshadow this year, thanks to a new batch of heavily water-resistant and waterproof cosmetics (many with sun protection) in the season's best colors.

  • For the skin:
    Avene Tinted Extreme Compact SPF 50 ($25) is a cream foundation in a compact that provides sun protection and coverage for sensitive, allergic skin (and is surprisingly light and breathable)
  • For the eyes:
    Summer 2004 is all about colorful makeup - from electric blues to bright pinks. A few eye picks that won't leave you looking like Tammy Faye after a dip in the ocean:

    Blisslabs lidthicks eyeshadow sticks ($19) are shimmery water resistant-eye shadow sticks with vitamin E. They won't smudge or sweat off, and glide on silky smooth for a fabulous finish that lasts all day (and into the night)

    Estee Lauder Pure Color Cool Eye Mousse ($20) is a gleaming "mousse" eyeshadow. Just a touch of this shadow will give you a pop of color with a cool-to-the-touch sensation (color AND cooler, all in one!)

    Agnes B Aqua Regard ($14) is a sparkling creme shadows resistant to sweat, swimming, and even crying. The color stays in place for up to eight full hours, and glides on with ease.

    Waterproof Aqua Mascaras from Estee Lauder and Yves St. Laurent (around $20 and $23.50, respectively) come in aqua, which is an especially hot color. Adding a pop of color to your eyes to match the ocean is great fun on the beach - and these waterproof formulas won't budge a bit.

  • For the cheeks:
    You can forget cakey powders for a flushed look this summer. The best way to add a little color to your cheeks before getting color from the sun is through a gel or creme blush.

    Blisslabs' ink pink blushing balm ($22) is an easy-to-control, lightweight, oil-free gel formula that gives a perfectly genuine flush in the perfect shade of pink that suits nearly every complexion, hair and eye mix.

    Lorac's Sheer Wash ($24 for 1 oz.) comes with an easy roll-on applicator, and though its color is potent (just a dab or two will do you), it'll give a natural, "just-pinched" look to cheeks.

    Pixi natural cheek gel ($20) is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and infused with skin-benefiting botanical extracts and SPF 8. This gel is the ultimate to-the-beach flusher.

    Lancome Star Bronzer Shimmering Paper Duo ( $16 for 48 sheets) are blotting paper-like sheets coated with bronze shimmer to be applied to cheeks or moistened lips for a bit of gleam and shine.

  • For the lips:
    Lip "markers" from Blisslabs (long lasting lip tint - $18) and Yves St. Laurent (Lip Marker - $24) pack a punch of color that stays on for hours and hours and hours, and won't fade off, no matter how much you swim or sweat.

    Kiehl's Lipbalm SPF 15 ($7.50) provides vital sun protection to the lips, either in clear or with a touch of color.

    Chanel Aqualumiere Sheer Color Lipshines ($23.50) do just what their name says: the fifteen shades provide sheer, shimmery color to lips, but with an added bonus of SPF 15 protection.

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