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Grandparents give awesome and awkward wedding toast

Grandparents Send Awesome And Awkward Wedding Toasts - Watch More Funny Videos

(CBS News) When you're a founder of a popular website that deals in awkwardness, you know eventually that some of it is bound to come back at you. And that's exactly what this wedding video toast is, mixed with a dash of cute, funny and just all-around sweet. Check it out.

The couple in question are one Kenny and Selma giving a wedding video toast to their grandson, Mike Bender, a co-founder of (a truly hilarious website that will have you laughing and cringing).

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We'd like to offer our own congratulations to Mike Bender on his recent nuptials and give a big triple-rainbow salute to Kenny and Selma for their excellent and amusing marriage advice (based on 72 years of experience!).  To check out more funny family awkwardness, you can visit by clicking here.

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