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Grandfather makes granddaughter's snow wish come true

Grandfather delivers snowy surprise 02:38

GLEN BURNIE, Md. -- All month long, all along the New England coast, folks snowed in to their Audis have been crying uncle to this Antarctica. But a few hundred miles south of here - outside Baltimore - one young lady has a whole different lament - that almost none of that snow has fallen here.


For nearly half her life, 4-year-old Sophia White has been obsessing over snow. Ever since she memorized the movie "Frozen," she's been dreaming of a blizzard to call her own. And although so far that hasn't been in the clouds for her, her fortunes did start to change a few weeks ago when her mom Nicole called-up her grandfather in Rhode Island.

"I said I wish I could just teleport her up to you so she could at least just build a snowman," said Nicole. "That's all she's been wanting to do is build a snowman."

"So the more I thought about it, it's like, you know what - I could do it," said Sophia's grandfather Allen Queen.

Allen Queen's pick-up truck is filled with snow ahead of his drive to his granddaughter's home CBS News

Queen is the parts manager at a Harley Davidson dealership in Pawtucket. His idea? Not to bring Sophia to the snow - but to bring the snow to Sophia.

So far this season Allen has twice driven a bed full of snow from Pawtucket, Rhode Island to Glen Burnie, Maryland - more than 750 miles round-trip - just to surprise his granddaughter.

Sophia makes snow angels in the snow her grandfather brought her CBS News

"At first she didn't get it," said Queen. "She didn't really know what it was - but then when she shoveled some out and she saw it and started playing with it - then it hit her."

Cold has never been so warmly received which is why Allen plans to make this a tradition.

"It's good to make kids happy," said Queen.

When I pointed out that he was basically spoiling his granddaughter he told me: "That's what grandparents do. It's in the contract."

Sophia White hugs her snowman
CBS News

And that obligation to indulge is a big reason most grandparents do what they do for their little angels. But more importantly, sometimes you have to follow the lead of a little kid to rediscover the joy you've been missing all around you.

"Has she made you appreciate the snow you have more now?" I asked.

At first Queen didn't respond.

"I'll take that as a 'no,'" I said.

"Hey, we've got a lot of it up here," he answered.

So much for my sappy ending.

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