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Grammys 2018: Lisa Loeb talks #MeToo movement

NEW YORK -- Lisa Loeb, a former '90s star turned children's music maker, was among those who sported a white rose in solidarity with the #MeToo movement. But Loeb also had one defense of the music industry.

She said she's aware that some are saying the music industry took too long to catch up to the #MeToo and Time's Up movements, but she says that's because there are so fewer music awards shows this time of year.

"In the music industry, we're in recording studios. We're holed up in rooms writing songs and we're on the road and we're on stage. We're all over the place, like stars. We aren't together a lot," Loeb said.

Grammy red carpet 02:22

She says a lot of artists try to spread their messages through their music and performances.

Loeb, who had the 1994 hit "Stay (I Missed You)" won Sunday best children's album for "Feel What U Feel."

The 60th annual Grammy Awards were presented at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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