GOP's Mock Obama Amendment Gets Zero Votes

With all the brutal rhetoric on campaign trail, Barack Obama still seems to have a sense of humor —even for colleagues looking to embarrass him on the Senate floor.

In what was a purely political exercise, Senate Republicans proposed a $1.4 trillion budget amendment that essentially takes every campaign proposal by Obama and puts it into the budget. Tapped to carry the water for the GOP in this bit of theater was Sen. Wayne Allard (R-Colo.), who's leaving office at the end of this year. The point of the amendment was just to show that if Obama becomes president, he'll spend a lot of money on things like health care, rebuilding the Army, education and other initiatives.

During the vote, Obama emerged from a Senate cloakroom with an entourage of Democratic senators, including Richard J. Durbin of Illinois and John F. Kerry of Massachusetts. He smiled, walked up to the well of the Senate, and voted "no" on the amendment that one Republican dubbed the "Obama spendorama."

Obama didn't seem to take it too seriously. He looked across the chamber at Allard and in a voice audible for the press gallery yelled: "Hey Allard, you workin' this hard?"

Allard smiled, gave a thumbs up and jokingly said "Vote yes!"

Nobody did. The vote was 0-97.