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Google Voice Tips: 10 Ways to Make the Most of the Service

Now that you've learned the five reasons you should use Google Voice (which recently became open for everybody), let's take a look at how you can make the most of the service.

Gizmodo recently rounded up 10 tips for Google Voice users, including the productivity-boosting "do not disturb" feature:

If you've managed to make Google Voice your one number that rings all your phones, you can enact a cloak of silence when you really need to get things done by enabling "Do Not Disturb" for a certain amount of time. All your calls go straight to voicemail, and nothing buzzes or plays a ringtone. It would be even nicer if Google could delay your SMS for the same time--that's often just as deadly a distraction.

The author also explains how to use Google Voice on an iPhone (even without Apple's blessing), use it to make unlimited free calls on your cell, reply to text messages via e-mail, and so on. Definitely a nice roundup of tips for anyone just getting started with Google Voice.

Have you discovered any GV tricks you want to share? Head to the comments to impart all your wisdom.

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