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Google Releases Faster, Smarter Chrome Browser, Says 'We Call it Chrome 2, But You Shouldn't'

"Chrome" is one of those words that really starts to look weird after you see it a few times. See if you don't agree by the end of this post. Or possibly even this paragraph: Google just took the wraps off Chrome 2, the latest version of its upstart Web browser. Well, what do you think? Is it looking weird yet?

Chrome 2's highlights include faster performance, several hundred bug fixes, a form-autofill feature (love that), and the option to remove thumbnails from the celebrated New Tab page. Here, I'll let this Google propellerhead show you the goodies:

All good stuff, to be sure. But I'll be honest: I've barely touched Chrome since it debuted last September. Not because I found it slow or buggy, but because I heart Firefox. Which begs the question: What about you? Any Chrome users out there? If so, what's the draw?

Oh, and about that headline: Google isn't officially calling this release "Chrome 2" (and you won't find it labeled as such on the product page). Rather, the name is "mainly a metric to help us keep track of changes internally," according to the Google Chrome Blog. Whatever.

In any case, current Chrome users will get the update automatically. Everyone else can download Chrome 2 directly.

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