Gonzales & The White House: Cohen Responds

There's been a lot of response to yesterday's post on Attorney General Gonzales and the firings at the Justice Department.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my post and to write a response. The more dialogue and discussion and debate we have on this topic the better. It is true that Janet Reno, as her predecessors before her had done, asked for the resignations of U.S. Attorneys. This is standard operating procedure designed to allow the President to have in place his own federal prosecutors. What is different about this current episode is that a Republican White House sought to replace Republican-appointed federal prosecutors mid-stream who were by all accounts doing precisely what they had been asked to do. We now know, from last week's testimony, why in some cases this was so and the answers we got make it clear that the reasons were not high-minded or lofty.