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Goldie Hawn Talks Education On 'Washington Unplugged'

Actress and children's advocate Goldie Hawn came to Washington to meet with officials, including Education Secretary Arne Duncan, and receive an award from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). She also took time to talk to guest moderator John Dickerson on 'Washington Unplugged' about her passion: Children's emotional health.

SAMHSA presented the actress with its special recognition award for "her work to increase public understanding of mental health issues through her non-profit organization, The Hawn Foundation," according to a press release.

"My passion is we've got to fix these children," Hawn said. "We have to. Because you can have the greatest schools in the world but if you have a dysfunctional society of our youth then you are not going to build a great future for yourself as a country."

Hawn said her idea is to "help children deal with their social and emotional issues" using modern research on psychology and the brain. She added that it is important to start at an early age to prevent problems and said funding has been one of the biggest obstacles of her agenda.

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