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Golden retriever and newborn fawn playing together

(CBS News) We have definitely seen our fair share of seemingly unlike animals finding wonderful connections here on The Feed. And you know what? I can't get enough of them, so here's another. Check out a golden retriever and newborn fawn playing and get ready to say "awwww".

The endearing video was posted by YouTube user Susan4889 who writes:

This is Dickens whose motto is "I'd rather play than obey"! After trying futilely to get him to come to me, and seeing he meant the fawn no harm, I went in for my camera. I was letting him out in the lower back fenced area and was going to groom him, hence the "ugly dog" comment. He's blowing coat. Golden people get this! Anyhow, the rest is history and he's now giving "pawtographs"! Taken at our Ranch in Delhi Hills, Ohio.

It's clear that Dickens means the newborn no harm, so I feel comfortable in the knowledge that "no animals were hurt during the filming of this video". And a part of me hopes they maintained this unlikely friendship over the years.  Yes, I know, it's unlikely.  But one can hope, right?  Thank you so much for sharing this very sweet moment with all of us, Susan!
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