Golden Globes: Affleck, Day-Lewis and Adele on wins

This image released by NBC shows Ben Affleck with his award for best director for "Argo" during the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan. 13, 2013, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (AP Photo/NBC, Paul Drinkwater)
Paul Drinkwater

(CBS News) Ben Affleck was the surprise hit of the Golden Globesawards Sunday night. The actor and director took home two statues, one for Best Director and one for Best Motion Picture Drama for his film "Argo."

Affleck told Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell, "It feels really exciting. I didn't think I was gonna win in anything. Look, I don't care what the show is, or what they're giving you. When you're there and you see Steven Spielberg's there and other great legends, it's incredibly awing and daunting and so when they read my name out I first thought, "Is this right? Is this a mistake?"

"I truly ... never thought I'd be in the same breath as them. I want to thank them," Affleck said in his acceptance speech.

The actor addressed the claims that he was snubbed in the Best Director category at last week's Academy Awards nominations.

"It was such a great morning for me. We got seven Oscar nominations including Best Picture for this movie I had produced directed and acted in and so I wasn't sitting there going, 'Wait a minute. Why didn't they give it to me for this or why didn't they give it to me for this? I was just going, "This is incredible,'" he explained.

Hugh Jackman took home a Golden Globe for his performance in "Les Miserables" and told O'Dell that his wife was critical to his success in the film.

"I just had a bad day at rehearsals and all I kept hearing was all the other great people that played the role and I said, 'I've got to do him a favor. I'm going to pull out now. Someone else should take over.' And she took me off that ledge."

Daniel Day-Lewis admitted similar insecurities to O'Dell, saying that he found it daunting to play the sixteenth U.S. president in Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln." 

"It's so daunting that essentially you do try and find every excuse not to do it for awhile, which is what I did for seven years ... but then you run out of excuses, you go to work and luckily it's the work that rescues you from yourself," Day-Lewis said. "Otherwise, you literally would be paralyzed," he added.

And Grammy-winning singer Adele took home a Golden Globe to add to her statue collection.

"This is weird and special because it's not my field," Adele said. "Meryl Streep has these! Julianne Moore has these! Daniel Day-Lewis has these, I have one now," Adele gushed.