Go behind the scenes with "Modern Family" cast

The cast of the Emmy Award-winning comedy series, "Modern Family."
The cast of the Emmy Award-winning comedy series, "Modern Family."

The cast of "Modern Family" is wacky, unconventional and lovable - and their hilarious chemistry is Emmy Award-winning, but how did the Pritchetts and the  Dunphys get their start?

Believe it or not, before she became the feisty Gloria Pritchett, Colombian beauty Sofia Vergara wanted to be dentist in her native country of Colombia.

"I was 17 and they wanted me to act and be a TV host and everything, but I just wanted to get married, go to dentist school. I didn't finish because of all of the opportunities..." she told  "Inside the Actors Studio" host James Lipton Tuesday night on Bravo.

"Can you imagine lying in a chair and having her lean over you?" laughed Vergara's onscreen hubby, Ed O'Neill who plays Jay Pritchett.

O'Neill, the former "Married With Children" star, was a ladies' man back then as well. He attended Ohio University where he took part in "beer drinking and chasing girls," he said. "I really had no major- history maybe..."

Julie Bowen, who plays  stay-at-home mom Claire Dunphy was a smart cookie who had an interest in art and having fun. She attended Brown University, where she was Italian Renaissance major.

She  was asked  about that experience: "I was 20, I had blonde hair to my ass and I was in Italy. James, you tell me," Bowen laughed.

Ty Burrell, who plays Phil Dunphy,  was gettting prepared for his TV career in comedy while in college.

"I went first to the University of Oregon and I smoked a lot of weed and watched a lot of television," he admitted.