Glenn Close on "Albert Nobbs," elusive Oscar win

Glenn Close on "CBS This Morning."
Glenn Close on "CBS This Morning."

Actress Glenn Close has created iconic female characters, such as the vengeful jilted lover in "Fatal Attraction" and the selfless spirit in "The Natural." Now she has taken on a new character, a woman disguised as a man, in "Albert Nobbs," a movie she spent 15 years trying to bring to the screen.

Glenn Close still having quite a run
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On "CBS This Morning," Close said the role was a favorite she played more than 30 years ago.

"I first played a little off-Broadway house, The Manhattan Theater Club, so every night you had a very intimate relationship to what was going on stage and what people were feeling in the audience. And every night, this seemingly simple story blindsided the audience emotionally," she said. "And I love stories like that kind of build up on you and end up really making an emotional connection with an audience. That's what -- what I think everybody wants is some sort of emotional journey."

Close recently received a Best Actress nomination for her role as Albert. Despite being nominated for six Academy Awards, an Oscar win has eluded her over the years.

When Gayle King asked Close about her Oscar day anticipation and what the award means to her, Close said she doesn't get caught up in the winner-loser stuff. "At that level, you know, to me, everybody is a winner. I know that sounds unreal. But I really feel that."

See more from the interview above, where Close about her role in "Fatal Attraction" and what it was like to act with her daughter in "Albert Nobbs."