Glenn Beck ends Fox News show

Glenn Beck over Fox News Logo

Glenn Beck marked the end of an "amazing journey" Thursday by reminding his audience all they have learned over the past two and half years, during his Fox News show's last broadcast.

He bragged about having two writers compared to John Stewart's 15, about using chalkboards while CNN used "holographic hookers" and high ratings for the 5 p.m. cable time slot.

"This show has become a movement," Beck said. "It's not a TV show anymore"

Responding to speculation he had been fired, Beck stated he quit, and intended to move from focusing on the problems to working for a solution. He said the decision was difficult, because he was at the pinnacle of his career and getting opportunities like meeting Bono backstage at a Spider-man show. But he insisted that he needed to leave now or risk losing his soul.

He scolded the media for asking his reason for leaving, insisting anyone who watched his show knew, and gave an ominous warning to the untrustworthy media.

"You will pray for the time," Beck said, "I was only on the air for one hour a day."

But Beck saved his harshest words for Former President Andrew Jackson, calling him an "Indian killer" and a "horrible, horrible man," while openly questioning why he was on U.S. currency.

Beck's timeslot will continue next week with an encore of his past episodes, according to a Fox News press release. The following week, Fox News will debut "The Five," a roundtable opinion show, for the remainder of the summer.

Meanwhile, Beck will begin a new 2-hour show on GBTV, his own streaming internet channel with the motto "Truth Lives Here," which will cost viewers $10 a month.

For his cable views, he left words of guidance.

"Never ever give up," Beck said. "Never ever listen to the experts, they're usually wrong. And believe in yourself."