Gladys Machado Update: Husband of Fla. mom found dead in closet with daughters had criminal history

Gladys Machado (left) with her daughters, Julia Padrino (center) and Daniela Padrino
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Gladys Machado (left) with her daughters, Julia Padrino (center) and Daniela Padrino
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(CBS/AP) MIAMI - Alberto Sierra, the husband of a 29-year-old Florida mother found dead Tuesday afternoon inside a closet along with her two young daughters was accused of domestic abuse against her two years ago, The Miami Herald reports.

PICTURES: Fla. mom, 2 kids found dead in closet

According to the Herald, arrest records show Sierra,29, was accused of domestic battery back in 2010, when he allegedly bit Gladys Machado during an argument and drove off. The two had been dating for two months at the time.

Police said on Tuesday a neighbor found the bodies of Machado, 4-year-old Daniela Padrino and 8-year-old Julia Padrino in a closet in their Miami home.

The Herald reports Sierra had an extensive criminal history. In June 2011, he was sentenced to a year of probation after officers responding to the alleged domestic violence incident found Sierra with drugs and a gun police say he admitted stealing during a burglary. His probation was reportedly revoked in November 2011 when police investigating another burglary found weapons in the home where he lived with Machado, and he was sentenced to 364 days in jail. He and Machado married in October 2011.

Sierra was released from jail on June 22 this year, the Herald reports.

Police have not released the manner of death. No further details were immediately available.

Police said Machado also had a 6-year-old son, who is safe with his grandmother. The children's father, Michael Padrino, gathered along with friends and family members outside the home Tuesday as police continued their investigation.

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