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Girl shows off hidden talent by singing with her mouth closed

(CBS) - It's another month and time for another "stupid human trick" (though each trick is actually surprisingly cool).  December brought us a colorful girl demonstrating a "pop-and-lock" trick with her eyebrows. January came with a gifted girl who could repeat any word said to her backwards. And now February brings us a delightful young girl who can sing with her mouth closed.

The amusing talent was posted back in 2009 by YouTube user nursemeliss, but is only starting to get some buzz online recently.  And for those who might have some doubts on the veractiy of this talent (which is fair enough), nursemeliss has responded with the following:

the deep breath that you hear at 0.05 was taken by her little brother in the [background], you know little brother being a little copy cat? I thought it was funny and cute she could do this, and I know I sure can't so I figured she was pretty talented too! :) Enjoy!

Useful? Nah. But funny? You betcha'. And I definitely enjoyed it, and think we might have ourselves a winner for February.  What do you all think?  Leave me some comment love below with your thoughts and I hope everyone has a wonderful Presidents Day weekend.

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